Thursday, November 7, 2013

My students designed nail polish...

So, most of you know that one of my goals is to raise money to fund arts and crafts projects in the residential program where I work.  I donate 10% of sales to the Horizons Residential program and as soon as we have enough raised for our first project, I will blog about it.

However, this project was put into place so the students could design nail polish for themselves (or a family member as a present), and we would sell a copy of each student-designed polish on my Etsy page to raise money for the school in general.

I had some extra old bottles for the bottles to sell, mixing balls, pigments, and a few types of glitter I donated. I also enlisted help from the general populace for a more diverse selection of glitter (I have 17 girls and some of the guys want to be involved as well) and Nikki from Glitter Unique stepped up.  She donated SEVERAL packets of samples of glitter and was absolutely the kindest toward our cause.  We are going to be able to do two activities thanks to the plethora she donated!

The work of a saint. is now my go-to for glitter, for sure!

I cleaned out all the bottles by hand.  It was easier once I found a tip in the comments of the video that mentioned using salt with the polish remover in the bottle.


40 bottles later , it is finally time to have a blast!

I got some semi-candid photos of my students as they got ready for polish.  We used the evening as a chance to socialize and get creative.  15 students showed up out of 31 I have total, so that was fantastic.  Four of them were boys making polish for family members or girlfriends.  I literally had so many show up that a couple of them will have to work on their polishes tomorrow!!!!

We got to making the polish (they directed me while I poured pigment, glitter, and suspension base), and since it was bottle by bottle, there was a LOT of shaking to be done!

Finally, we have 13 polishes with more to come tomorrow!!  This means we currently have $130 worth of donations going up for sale in the shop under the Horizons Students tab starting tomorrow morning!

I will swatch these in the sun and place them in the shop tomorrow afternoon. ^_^

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