Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Julep's Champagne Trio and Giveaway Link

So, a little while back I received Julep's Champagne Trio as a gift.  I love Julep because most of their polishes stay on FOREVER on my nails.  I introduced my mom to them as well and she's in love too. ^_^

So here is my review of the three polishes that come in this set:
At 8 oz/.27mL for each bottle, 3 bottles, and the set costing $28 as a maven, this set is pricey.  They also dry out in the bottle after a couple of uses, but it is nothing a little polish thinner won't fix.  The unique colors and the fact the lacquer stays on three times as long as any other brand makes the price worth it to me.

This multidimensional glitter is one of my favorite toppers.  It smells weird during application, but I think that may be the suspension base and it is gone by the time it dries.
In the photo below, I've swatched it, one coat, on one hand.  In the reviews of Amity and Reiko, I will use it as an accent over them.

This Rose-gold color is one of my favorites to wear.  It dries quick and is opaque in two coats.  Here it is on one hand with Clio as a top-coat accent on my ring finger

Here is the last of the three polishes.  This sparkly white-gold is really pretty, though it takes three coats to be completely opaque.  It also looks a bit spooky, so it satisfies my love of the legend of Amityville. =)  Here it is, again with Clio as the accent topcoat:

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