Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eastern State and Elfreth's Alley from Philly Loves Lacquer's "All Holo's Eve" collection

Recently, my friend Alli bought the minis from Philly Loves Lacquer's "All Holo's Eve" collection.  She already had a "botched" Eastern state and wasn't fond of Elfreth's Alley's color on her nails, so she gave me the regular Eastern State and her Elfreth's Alley: her 'trash' became my treasure!!!

The formula on this is thin, but gave me nearly full coverage in three coats.  It dries quickly and the colors are phenomenal!!  I tried to get several photos, and right as I got home I snapped this one outside and it finally shows the brightness of Eastern State and the shininess of Elfreth's Alley as the accent:

They're Limited Edition, so hurry to the shoppe and get them before they're sold out!!

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