Saturday, October 26, 2013

Calling all glitter nuts!!

So, a lot of you know I work for Horizons School here in Birmingham.  I am working to keep up some craft opportunities for the students, and one thing several of the girls want to do is make nail polish.  I have decided to allow them to design one polish (I will do the pouring since the pigment and everything could be messy) and we will make two copies of it: one for them to keep and another to sell on ETSY.  The money from the sale of the polishes will be donated to the school.

If anyone wants to donate some leftover solvent-resistant glitter, please email me at  Any tiny amounts would be good: these will be for two 15mL bottles only.

Thanks everyone!

PS- if you want to make a monetary donation to the school, click here!!  We are non-profit. ^_^

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