Sunday, October 27, 2013

General life post...

So, I've been hyper-focused on the nail polish lately.  I should probably stop and talk about life again. ^_^

My students have decided to meet in my apartment on November 5th to create their polishes.  I'm excited for them. They'll go on the etsy page and the sales will all go to the Residential program.  I've got about ten students that will participate, so I am hoping we can make $100 for the school!

OK, so Fantasy football is getting crazy!!  It's a good thing I'm playing with my nails right now or I'd be biting them...
If Peterson keeps this up, tomorrow will be the thing that makes the difference.

So I totally failed the food challenge: got sick and then worked a few night shifts I wasn't expecting.  Going to try it again this weekend once I get paid again. ^_^

One of my students bought me a Gradation set by Kiss. Yayy!!!  I will try it out soon and post about it then. ^_^

I guess that's all for now.  I hope everyone has a good evening!! ^_^

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