Saturday, October 19, 2013

Girls' Time

It's Saturday!!!
Currently watching Vanderbilt vs. Georgia.  My dad graduated from Vandy, so I'm rooting for them, obviously. ^_^  They're my number two college team: Alabama Crimson Tide being my first love. ;)  Though I think I like James Franklin better than Nick Saban as a coach.

We have girls' time this afternoon with my students.  There's been a lot of roommate issues and they're starting to get a bit catty, so we are going to talk about appropriate ways to handle roommate concerns and then watch Mean Girls.  =)
I also have jeweled flowers and hairpins, so I am going to let the girls glue them together for some cute bobby pins.

We have kickball tomorrow.  So far it has gone really well.  Our kickball shirts came in this week and we put stars on the MVP shirts, Cs on the captains shirts, and Nick and I got Ms for "manager".
I enjoy kickball even though I'm reffing more than playing.  The only concern I have is I keep forgetting that when someone catches the ball directly from a kick, the other players have to tag up before they can run.

I'm saddened that it has gotten cold: the grill won't be out as much now.  I'm not really sure why we don't grill more in the winter, but it just doesn't happen.  I love steaks or burgers and the charcoal taste that the grill provides makes me really happy.
I used to work for Publix as an Aprons cook and have a huge set of recipes.  My new goal is to cook something really fancy every other day.  I'll blog tomorrow about my four recipes for the week.  I may have to wait til Monday to go get all the ingredients, but at least I'll have a plan. ^_^

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