Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Graze Box!

So, my graze box is being prepped on the website!!!

Remember, my graze friend-code is LARAK9D1P 

I'm not as excited about this box as the last one.  That's ok, though.  The whole point of me taking this subscription was so that I would branch out and try some new stuff.

I've decided to use my old gumball machine as a healthier snack opportunity for the students.  I thought I would put trail mix in there and readjust the settings so that for a quarter you get 100 calories' worth of trail mix.  I don't know how I will get this approved, but I'm gonna try!!!  If I had one machine up and running for a bit and it made enough to introduce a second machine with a second option for trail mix, I might do that.  I figured anything extra the machine made could go to the school to help with whatever we need.

I made it through day one of my sugar free drinking with success!!!  I'm halfway through day 2 and I must say: thank the gods for filtered water bottles!

Also, in fantasy football news, the waiver requests went through last night and here is my lineup for this week's matchup:

I really doubt the projected points are correct, but either way, I've got my fingers crossed!!!  I think Nick hasn't quite set his lineup yet, so I am predicting this will be a much closer game.  I really want to win this one!!

I've thought about setting some prototypes in my shop to sell to begin with.  I'm also currently working to grow my nails out so I can make better swatches myself.  I have butterLONDON's Horsepower on my nails currently and have started looking for a good prenatal gummies vitamin (best stuff for your hair and nails EVER!).

OK, off to the elliptical for 30 minutes!

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