Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Food and budgeting oops!

So, with everything going on, I was unaware of how close my budget is this week.  On that note, I am now working to clear out my freezer before I buy fresh things to cook.
Tomorrow I will be cooking the Pastichio from the Greek Festival we went to a few weeks ago.  I bought a frozen tray and have been saving it til now.

I'm currently on a 4 week commitment to drink non-sugared drinks (and mostly water).  Today was day one and I made it through without any blunders. 27 more days to go!!!

I have been thinking about picking up another job for some random shifts until my dispatch work picks back up.  It's a catch-22 because it means I won't be able to work the 12 hour dispatch shifts when I am scheduled at the other gig, but I'm not really getting any hours right now and I need to be able to eat and function.  I've applied at Starbucks and I may apply at Chick Fil A.  We will see how the Starbucks application process goes.

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