Friday, October 18, 2013

EMD dispatch...

Last night I worked a shift at 911-dispatch.  I work there part-time because we've been unable to set me up with a full time shift that complements my work with the special needs group.  It's rewarding and I hope to train in police dispatch soon as well!  I got to work with my favorite coworker and we enjoyed the night in spite of the mouse that somehow got in.  @_@

There was some car trouble yesterday before work and I was unable to get polishes mailed out til this morning.  I am looking forward to what the ladies in my focus group say about the polishes! ^_^
My partner at dispatch saw some photos of preliminary swatches and wants to buy!  I already made a sale!!! So exciting!!! ^_^  It's always nice to know someone else thinks you have good taste, hahaha.

In the Fantasy Football world... I am highly satisfied with Russell Wilson's performance last night.  The fumble in the second quarter upset me because he was on such a good roll.  At least he came back and proved himself again!!!  I don't know if you've seen my lineup for the week, so here it is:

I got the trophy for most satisfying Thursday night player this week due to his performance.  Awesomesauce.

Tonight the students made invitations to the Halloween party that is next week for the teachers.  We watched Hansel and Gretel while making the invites.

Now I'm taking a break from pouring the next set of polishes.  I'm sending out everything in the morning. =)

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