Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Starry, Starry Birmingham

What in the world happened?!  Anybody that is part of fantasy football knows that college upset Saturday kind of turned into pro-upset Sunday.
My team lost, and I'm no longer undefeated, but that's OK. There is absolutely NO way anyone would have seen Jimmy Graham getting shut out (for the first time since 2010, btw).  I was right about Russell Wilson, but being right wouldn't have been enough to save me from the shameful 60-93 loss I suffered, hahaha. Next week I shall return with a vengeance!!!

My scores from this week (The Eagles defense was a last minute nervous decision, but at least it didn't hurt):

I have found a really neat idea on Groupon for a poster I want.  I usually buy directly from the site, but this particular deal features canvases of Starry, Starry Night with city skylines superimposed.  Of course, Birmingham Alabama is not nearly important enough to be on there.  So now I'm working with two of my friends to get a good skyline photo (of the Southside angle, since I live there) and get it placed over Starry, Starry Night.

<<In case you're not already on Groupon, let me plug for just a minute... it's a site with crowd-sourced deals that allow you to do things in your area at a discount or allow you to find neat things online at a good discount.
I've bought a canvas print for $30 that was originally over $100, I've had tickets to different events in the area at 50% off, and I have gotten good deals on cooking classes in the area.
Here's my referral link if you're just dying to check it out:

My manicure currently is featuring one of my polishes and using Sinful Color's Black Magic as an accent:
For those of you who are unaware, I'm starting a polish line this Spring called Lacquered Bliss.  I've got the Facebook page up and running.  Feel free to "like" it for promotions.  Bloggers, feel free to email me about special pricing for your blogs.

I was totally going to write about food now, but I've realized the fridge is pretty well empty and tonight will most likely be my famous breakfast-for-dinner spread.  Simple but filling, I usually go with bacon, eggs, and pancakes.  I now have a smiley face pan for pancakes, so I think this may be happening more and more often. ^_^

The UPS-store has just sent me a notification that the robot vacuum I bought off of Groupon is here!!!  It looks as if my day will be spent picking up the apartment, setting the machine up, and pretending to workout to Jillian Michaels while watching the vacuum do my job.  ^_^  Tonight, I will be teaching my students, rearranging my bedroom, and cooking.

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