Friday, October 25, 2013

Excitement and nervousness

So, all the good news first:
I've had two dispatch shifts this week!!!!  This means I can take all of next week off, or if someone has a shift for me, I can take it and finally enjoy my raise! ^_^

Next on the list is my exciting sets of pigment and glitter!!!!!
 My batch of glitter from The Glitter Source.  They always have a good discount if you buy bulk. has amazing pigments.

Of course, I immediately started playing and ended up with this holo: 

I need a better camera... this doesn't look as awesome as it really is!!!  This will be up for a listing in my shop soon.
And this little cutie from Walgreens has just made my night:

Onto my worries:
HALF my roster is injured!!!  I'm scared to pick up another tight end, but what if Graham's problems actually keep him out Sunday?!  I can deal with Mendenhall since I think Wallace could hold my flex position OK, but should I bench him?  Also, is McGahee worth keeping?  Gah, my weekend (and especially Sunday morning) is going to be full of nail biting decisions!!!!  My lineup will probably change a thousand times between now and Sunday.

OK, off to deal with work and life!

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