Monday, October 28, 2013

Fandom Cosmetics' "Rhaegal" and "Drogon"

I recently had a good friend of mine buy me a set of Fandom Cosmetic's Game of Throne's "Mother of Dragons" polish collection.  I have enjoyed their line of polish: having a bunch of different fandoms in one place is awesome for quick gifts.

Also, customer service is REALLY fantastic.  Mhysa is now a clear glitter topper and I wanted the original formula.  When I messaged them about it, they got right back in touch with me, sent me an original formula replacement, and kept in touch with me until they were sure I was satisfied.  I dealt with Annie, I believe, and it was a very pleasant experience (which says a LOT about the business).

Here I am reviewing Rhaegal and Drogon.

These four polishes are nice, but very sheer.  I have used a base coat underneath each of them.  They also require a polish hardener when I used them.  I've used Sally Hansen's for each and even then I had to be reeeeaaalllly careful not to mess it up, though it may be the way I handle them.

Unlike the photos on the website, this had large black dots instead of the smaller dots.  It was very disappointing for me, though if you're aware of it, it is probably not as big of a deal.  The larger dots do seem more like dragon scales.
I used Julep's Leah as a basecoat:

This is my favorite of the set.  Here I have it layered between Sally Hansen's Black Heart and Julep's matte top coat:

So skip on over to their website and check out the myriad of fandom polishes! ^_^

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