Thursday, October 17, 2013

My base is finally here!!

So, I was waiting on my robot vacuum to show up yesterday and when I went to the UPS store thinking I was going to get the vacuum, it ended up being my order for suspension base from!!

Needless to say, I spent the evening playing with polish instead of cleaning as much as I should.  I have a focus group that is helping me develop my initial polish set and they're waiting on me to get sample polishes mailed out!

Some colors I've considered

My thermal polish!  Purple in the cold, blue when it is warm.  I'm thinking I will have to lay back on the glitter some, though.  I put a little too much in it this time and it is really obvious.

I plan on opening the ETSY shop this spring.  I'm really excited and nervous... I want to succeed so I can use part of the proceeds to do different craft projects with my students.
My initial craft project will be string designs.  The students can pick the design they want, I will set the boards up, and then they can go to town with the design!

The other excitement was my graze box.  I forgot it was coming and when I realized it had arrived, I did a little dance. is a site that allows you to pick snacks you would like and they send you a box once every 2 or 4 weeks (your choice)  My graze-friend code is LARAK9D1P .  The first two people to use it will get their first and fifth boxes free.  Feel free to post your codes in the comments section so once mine are gone, others will have the opportunity to graze. ^_^
My box this time
I might have eaten my entire box upfront. >_>  I didn't have lunch, so when the box showed up, I ate it all!
The Chili and Lime Pistachios are pretty good.  I don't feel the urge to eat them all at once, so that is fantastic for long term grazing.
Scandinavian Forest was nice and fruity, but it wasn't as deep of a flavor as I originally thought it would be.
Bananas Foster was the BEST!  I wish the banana coins had been crunchy instead of chewy, but once I got used to that it was amazing.
Olive and Rosemary bruschetta was tasty.  It definitely came off as a snack I would eat regularly and never grow tired of.

The boxes are $6.  I feel this price is pretty fair: there are four sizeable and unique snacks so that is $1.50/snack.  I'm thinking I'm pretty well in love with this subscription!  I have two friends that currently love it too. =)

So here it is: Nick's masterpiece.  He used a photo from a friend, but I am hoping that my friend Alli is able to get a copy of one of her photos that actually has my apartment building in it.  Overall, I am very satisfied to see this print.  I plan on getting the hi-def version printed onto a poster and I'll frame it for my apartment.

Mealtime is becoming increasingly difficult: working two jobs and being wrist deep in polish most days is making it hard to find time to be the foodie I want to be.
I was really, REALLY excited to find Monet's Table at Second and Charles!  As the title suggests, it is a book about Impressionist Claude Monet's food choices.  It describes life in Giverny and then gives several recipes that were pulled directly from Monet's diaries.

As for fantasy football, this week is NOT looking good again... my Saints players have a bye and that knocks out two of my high point scorers.  Got my fingers crossed it doesn't end too badly!!! ^_^

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