Saturday, October 26, 2013

LynBDesign's "T.A.R.D.I.S" and "The Fires of Gallifrey"

Ok, tonight seems like the perfect time to show off some swatches from one of my absolute favorite Indie makers.  LynBDesigns has one of the best formulas coupled with cool ideas hands down!  Not to mention her awesome sales allow me to pick up cool polishes all the time. =)  I have several of these polishes including "Wait, Wait, Wait, is this a Kissing Book" and "Melody Malone" and love them all.
Below I've swatched my two absolute favorites of LynB's colors.

This blue polish was the first blue polish I ever fell in love with. =) I wear it with my Tardis dress and it reminds me of the sky right after the sun goes down.  The formula is flawless and dries relatively quickly.  This polish takes about three coats to become opaque enough for me, but I know other people that get satisfactory coverage in just two coats.  I think I also like the depth three coats gives this polish... like you're seeing some stars closer and others further out.  This is a masterpiece that my puny Iphone camera cannot capture.

Fires of Gallifrey
This is my second favorite LynBDesigns.  It's just like fire!  The formula is a little thicker and it's more glitter-bomby, but it fits the polish well.  

What's your favorite LynBDesigns polish?

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