Monday, October 21, 2013

Funday Sunday

<<posting a day late, but this was Sunday night's ramble>>

Well, here we are again: Sunday football, getting fired up for kickball, and grocery shopping sometime this afternoon.

Julep came out with their November collection: "Right at Home"
((If you haven't tried them before, your first box is free and you only pay shipping.))
I've decided to go ahead and get the "It-Girl" box this month and add-on Autumn.  These are some of the swatches directly from the website:
Lola, Winter, and Chloe
Autumn add-on

We have cleaning tonight with the students.  I have five rooms that I check and I have to say I am very proud of my group this year.  We've really cracked down on cleaning and they're all starting to learn to keep their rooms really clean.  I almost wish I went through this program!!!  I could do with a regular cleaning schedule and a little better cleaning habit.

At the risk of angering the football gods with my preemptive bragging, I think I've pretty much won this week:
*does a little dance*

OK, on to my four dishes for this week:
Red beans and Rice with Shrimp
NY Strip Steaks on my George Foreman
Cheese Fondue

I will be heading to Publix in the morning to get what I need for these (yay BOGO deals!).  I will update as to what I do for each meal throughout the week. ^_^

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